Our Services



The professionals at River’s Edge Mediation Center have over 50 cumulative years of experience in providing services as mediators, arbitrators, and special masters in the following types of legal matters:

– Employment
– Personal Injury
– Wrongful Death
– Medical Malpractice
– Probate / Trust / Estate
– Real Estate
– Elder Care
– Divorce / Child Custody
– Criminal 
– Municipal Disputes
– Environmental Issues
– Health Care



Mediation is a process that allows individuals to find resolutions to a legal dispute with the assistance of a third party, objective, neutral, experienced problem solver and peace maker.


Arbitration is a process where a privately paid decision maker presides over a dispute through a “hearing” process and issues a binding decision that is enforceable in court and fully resolves all the issues presented.

Special Master

A Special Master is an individual appointed by a trial judge and paid by the parties involved in the legal dispute to issue decisions during the pendency of the litigation (the case) regarding disputed issues within the litigation; for instance, discovery disputes.

Criminal Mediation

A process that allows offenders, victims, and the community a fully involved process to resolve a legal dispute.